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Apartments and Grill Jevtić


If you want to rent an apartment in Belgrade, we have perfect accomodation for you. Twin apartments situated at the heart of the city center are great vacation rentals, and comfortable long term flats. Luxury apartments in Belgrade with hand picked furniture, crafted in detail to cater to both businessman and tourists have everything you can possibly need when looking for apartments in Belgrade. All three of our studio apartments are fully equiped and you will find everything, from a toothbrush to high speed internet which you can browse in clean bath robes.

Grill Jevtić

Our story began in 2000, when owner Aco Jevtić in heart of Sarajevo, in Bascarsija decided to learn everything about making world known traditional serbian barbecue. With help from friend, and great chef Ramiza Hodžić. For two years Aco learned the craft of making the best cevapi. With authentic recipe, Belgrade became richer for Grill Restaurant Jevtić.

Logo Apartments and Grill Jevtić, Belgrade Deligradska 15

Apartments and Grill Jevtić

Renting apartments in Belgrade and serving traditional grill





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