Deligradska 15, Beograd +381 11 361 0594

Grill Restaurant Jevtić

Fifteen years tradition of making best barbacue in Belgrade

The best ćevapi in Belgrade

can be found in Deligradska street number 15

The owner of restourant Jevtic is also the main cook, prepairing authenthic Serbian barbecue, and a famous Balkan specialty – sarajevski cevap.

Aco Jevtic has learned the craft and traditional recepe for cevapi in Bas Carsija, the cradle of this unique delicacy.

We are not a fast food chain where all you will get is some mediocre imitation of a meal. We have raised four children feeding them the best of the best that Balkan kitchen has to offer, and we have raised them in our restourant feeding them the same quality food that we serve to our guests. Try the best pljeskavica, cevapi and home made deserts in a place where the people who own restourants come to eat.

Sarajevski ćevapi 10 komada


Price: 290,00 RSD / 480,00 RSD

Najbolja Pljeskavica Beograd

Meat Patty

Price: 480,00 RSD

Teleće brizle Beograd


Price: 740,00 RSD

Logo Apartments and Grill Jevtić, Belgrade Deligradska 15

Apartments and Grill Jevtić

Renting apartments in Belgrade and serving traditional grill

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